Teacher Spotlight

Edcouch, TX – September 21, 2023 – Edcouch-Elsa Independent School District (EEISD) proudly recognizes Mr. Victor Sabedra for his outstanding dedication and commitment to education as a Reading Interventionist for Ruben C. Rodriguez Elementary. Mr. S’abedra has reached an incredible milestone of 17 years of service to the district, leaving a mark on the students he has served and the entire EEISD community.

Mr. Sabedra's journey into the field of education began after a period of substitute teaching when he fell in love with the impact educators can have on young lives. As a Reading Interventionist, Mr. Sabedra plays a crucial role in supporting struggling readers in grades 1 through 5. His passion for nurturing the love of reading and helping students overcome challenges is evident in his daily work. Mr. Sabedra works with groups of six students at a time, with each grade level benefiting from his expertise through two intervention groups. In a typical week, he devotes his time and expertise to approximately 60 students who are in need of reading support.

Mr. Sabedra believes that "Pride in Excellence" is creating an inclusive and encouraging environment where students can embrace their mistakes as opportunities for growth. He instills in them the importance of taking pride in their individual progress and cherishing the journey of learning. 

In his efforts to engage students effectively, Mr. Sabedra has integrated technology into his classroom, utilizing iPads with a particularly helpful app called mCLASS Intervention. This innovative approach allows him to tailor his interventions to meet the unique needs of each student, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.

For many of his students, Mr. Sabedra serves as a father figure or a big brother figure, providing guidance, support, and encouragement that they may not have elsewhere. He takes this responsibility seriously, recognizing the profound influence he can have on their lives.

"I'm here, and I remain here because I enjoy serving our students," Mr. Sabedra explains. "Our students are our future. When parents remember me and how I had a positive impact on their child's life—that is the legacy that I want to leave behind."