New Beginnings and Bright Futures

New Beginnings and Bright Futures: Santiago Garcia Elementary Welcomes Mr. Luis Gonzalez to the EEISD Family

Edcouch, TX – September 6, 2023 – Edcouch-Elsa Independent School District (EEISD) is thrilled to introduce Mr. Luis Gonzalez, a dedicated educator who is embarking on his first year of teaching at Santiago Garcia Elementary (SGE). Mr. Gonzalez's journey to becoming a teacher is remarkable, and his commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive classroom environment is truly inspiring.

Mr. Gonzalez may be new to the role of a certified teacher, but his dedication to the students of EEISD has deep roots. Last year, he served as a teacher resident at SGE, where he gained invaluable experience and formed strong bonds with the school community. Now, as a 3rd-grade bilingual teacher, he is ready to make a lasting impact on his students' lives. “Embracing linguistic diversity through Bilingual Education not only fosters academic excellence but also celebrates cultural richness within our school community while ensuring that all students have equitable access to quality education,” expressed Mr. Francisco Faticati, Biliteracy Coordinator for EEISD. 

When asked about his classroom goals for the upcoming school year, Mr. Gonzalez shared, "My primary goals are to form those amazing teacher-student relationships and to witness my students grow throughout the year. I believe that building strong connections with my students will be the cornerstone of their success."

Creating an inclusive classroom environment is a top priority for Mr. Gonzalez. He explained, "Inclusivity is essential to a thriving classroom. I plan to create an inclusive atmosphere by forming bonds with my students, setting clear behavior standards, modeling respect, and providing space for students to practice empathy. Every student should feel valued and heard in my classroom." Additionally, Mr. Gonzalez utilizes computer programs to enhance his lessons, ensuring a well-rounded and modern educational experience.

When asked to describe what Edcouch-Elsa ISD means to him, Mr. Gonzalez expressed, "EEISD is a close-knit community where everybody knows each other. It feels like joining a big harmonious family. I am proud to be a part of this community and am grateful for the support and camaraderie I've experienced here. Pride in Excellence means caring about what we do and putting our very best effort into what we care about. It is an outward expression of inner integrity, passion, and a strong sense of making a true difference."

EEISD is delighted to welcome Mr. Luis Gonzalez to the Santiago Garcia Elementary team and looks forward to the positive impact he will make on the lives of his students. His dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence are a testament to the values and goals of the district.