Teacher Incentive Allotment Information

The Texas Education Agency and the Teacher Incentive Allotment

The Texas Teacher Incentive Allotment TIA is a part of House Bill 3. The Texas legislature wants to have a realistic path to compensate the highest performing teachers at a higher annual salary.  School districts in Texas must submit a Teacher Incentive Allotment application that meets the established eligibility criteria in order to have teachers participate in the TIA Program.  Edcouch-Elsa ISD is currently a part of the TIA Application Cohort E.  TIA Committee is working to submit a TIA application to the Texas Education Agency by the deadline of April 15, 2022.


Teacher Incentive Allotment Eligibility Criteria

The TEA TIA Application Program requires that school districts establish criteria to ensure that the identification of highly effective teachers falls under the three designation categories – Recognized, Exemplary, and Master. Districts that submit a TIA application to TEA will be expected to use an indicator for student academic growth performance data along with Texas-Teacher Evaluation Support System observation data to determine which teachers qualify for these three designations. Part of the data validation process will include a review of the accuracy of how district systems align their designations to the statewide performance standards. The Texas Education Agency has additional information on the Teacher Incentive Allotment on the tiatexas.org website. 

 Edcouch-Elsa TIA Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Incentive Allotment Spending Plan