LBJ Teacher of the Year

L.B.J. Elementary - Teacher of the Year
Posted on 04/16/2018
Z. AlvaradoWe are proud to honor Ms. Zoraida Alvarado, as L.B.J.’s 2018 Teacher of the Year ! With 7 years of teaching experience, Ms. Alvarado has been one of LBJ’s 5th grade teachers for the past 4 years. “She goes above and beyond for her students, helping them reach goals they didn’t think were possible.” Her tenacity and her ability to capture students’ love of Math, has helped her earn top scores for the past 2 years. Within her classroom and beyond, Ms. Alvarado takes pride in her work , her students and our school. A valuable asset to her colleagues and our school, Ms. Alvarado strives to help L.B.J. shine in all that she does ! Congratulations Ms. Alvarado. !