A big congrats goes out to Mrs. Mirayda Cerda

Yellow Jacket of the Week
Posted on 09/30/2015
MiraydaCerdaA big congrats goes out to Mrs. Mirayda Cerda this week for spearheading a Suicide Prevention Awareness activity. It was well received and EEHS even came out on the news! By going beyond the academic and including the emotional support for our students, Mrs. Cerda has earned the recognition this week. Mrs. Cerda teaches Human Services here at Edcouch-Elsa High School and is a role model for her students. She has demonstrated to both students and staff that caring for others can mean a world of a difference. She is dedicated and hardworking. The activity also help place Edcouch-Elsa High School on the map once again as we are the first high school in the valley to participate in such an event. Great job Mrs. Cerda