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 MIZ Districts 18-19

      In November 2018, EEISD was selected as 1 of 15 districts in the state to become TEA Math Innovation Zone.  As part of this honor, the district received a $150,000 Planning Grant to develop teachers and to partner with Blended Learning experts, Education Elements, to develop a comprehensive plan for the integration of blended learning principles and designs in our mathematics classes.  

      All 5 of EEISD's elementary schools and its junior high will be participating in the MIZ grant, with a total of 45 Kinder, 3rd grade, and 6th grade teachers and 1,200 students reimagining mathematics teaching and learning during the 2019-2020 school year. 

   EEISD looks forward to utilizing grant resources to increase readiness, participation, and success in 8th-grade Algebra I while developing a high-quality blended learning mathematics program.

Blended learning will help us cultivate a community where
all learners are reflectivepurposeful, and successful at EEISD and beyond.

MIZ @ JRG   MIZ @ SG      MIZ @ RCR      MIZ @ LBJ      MIZ @ JFK                                      MIZ @ TRUAN

                                  New to Blended Learning?
           Here is a short introduction from the Learning Accelerator:

EE + EE Partnership
Edcouch-Elsa & Education Elements

Leading personalized learning consultants, Education Elements, will guide
EEISD's planning and design work utilizing its Core Four of Blended Learning
and its 25-point Blended Learning Implementation Framework.